apart together


More young couples choose to live apart. Even though they have a relationship they prefer to stay solitude and independent.

Where a double bed, one dining table, one bath room and one front door per couple, used to be common. Now a days it's not unusual to have everything twice. This new lifestyle influences the way interiors are used; An apartment may be inhabited by one, sometimes two people and part time none.

By interviewing, I found out that people who are living apart together plan there life by being alone or together and have different needs at these different moment. Trying to make new furniture for this situations I designed objects that change function by simply turning them around. 

The couch which is originally used by more than one, hides a cosy desk; So you don't have to look at you're unopened mail while enjoying quality time together.

If you're alone, the vertical mirror can show your complete outfit and hides some extra space for a second tooth brush in the cabinet behind. Horizontal it allows you see each other before going to sleep and can even hide some personal cosmetics.

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